Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Tags Contacts Continent Country Info
Black Wing Foundation Complex ArtComplex GameDev Unreal Engine Europe Ukraine
Softoxan 3D ModelingARComplex ArtComplex GameDevProgrammingUX/UIVRWebDev C#Cocos2DHTML5Level DesignMobilePCUnityUnreal Engine, Phone: 03234307705 Asia Pakistan SOFTOXAN is based in Asia. Our expertise is in Game and AR/VR development. We provide other IT services as well. We are providing cost-effective services with highly skilled developers in Unity and Unreal Engine
Chimera Entertainment Complex GameDev MobilePCUnityUnreal Engine Europe Germany Chimera Entertainment is an experienced, independent development studio for digital entertainment software with more than 20 released games and a focus on online PC& mobile games.
Dreamloog Games Complex GameDev AnimePortingUnity Europe Germany Founded in 2015, Dreamloop Game is a 10-person studio from Tampere, Finland. The team has a wealth of experience using the Unity 3D engine to turn engaging game concepts into digital reality. We are a fun-loving crew with a mission to create rock-solid games that are fun to play, aesthetically polished and challenging.
Stillalive Studios Complex GameDevVR ConsolesPCUnityUnreal Engine Europe Austria Is an experienced and enthusiastic team of game developers embracing both gameplay and technological challenges.
XPEC Art Center Complex ArtComplex GameDev Asia Taiwan
Zeitland Complex ArtComplex GameDevUX/UI HTML5MobilePCPhaserJSUnity Europe Germany Zeitland was founded 2010 as studio for interactive media and games in Ludwigsburg, Germany. We unite creativity and technology, with years of experience in development, design and conception.
Redox Labs Complex ArtComplex GameDev HTML5MobilePCRayCanvasUnity Europe Austria Founded in 2014, REDOX Labs is an independent development studio based in Salzburg, right on the edge of the Austrian Alps. The combination of art, game and web development skills enables them to deliver high-quality entertainment games and gamified web/ app experiences.
eJaw Complex GameDev Europe Ukraine
Rockodile Games Complex GameDev BackendC++ConsolesPortingUnreal Engine Europe Finland Rockodile specializes in Unreal Engine 4. The studio was founded in 2013 and is based in Turku, Finland. "Relentless design, through adaptive iteration, produces perfection"
Wolpertinger Games Complex GameDev MobilePCUnity Europe Germany Independent development studio. The company was co-founded with remote control productions in 2009. They specialize in mobile and PC game development with additional expertise in consoles, Facebook gaming, as well as gamification.
Vivex Complex GameDev C#C++Hyper casualMobilePythonUnity Europe Belarus Presentation
Singularity Lab ARComplex GameDevVR UnityUnreal Engine Asia Kazakhstan
Red Rift 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDevQASoundWebDev ASP.NETHTML5PhaserJSUnity North America United States of America Talented artists with an art degree and more than 10 years of experience. QA group. Full project life cycle support after release. Bug free product Аssistance for placing project on stores. Marketing and boost with promo materials.
AzDimension Complex ArtComplex GameDev UnityUnreal Engine Asia Azerbaijan
Behavior Interactive Complex ArtComplex GameDev, North America Canada
TiltShift 3D ModelingARComplex GameDevVR C#Cocos2DMobilePCUnityUnreal Engine telegram/FB: genvangus Europe Russia Our team focuses on the development using Unity. We have 3-year experience in Unity development. Our work area: - PC Gamedev; - Mobile phone application; - Creating cinematic in Unity; - Creating 3d content; - VR/AR application( Mobile or Desktop).
Yellow Panda Games ARComplex GameDevVRWebDev MobileUnity South America Brazil
Red Apple Complex ArtComplex GameDev Cocos2DHTML5MobileUnityUnreal Engine Asia India
4ilab Complex GameDevVR Europe Belarus
Bear Games Complex GameDev Mobile Europe Ukraine
Mesheryak Anatoliy Complex GameDev Unity, Europe Ukraine
Infocom Studios 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDevWebDev PHPPythonUnityUnreal Engine Delina B George Email: Skype: delina_113 Name: Arun Soman Email: Skype: Infocomsoftware Asia India Game Portfolio: Web Portfolio:
Tamashi Games Complex GameDevGame DesignPrototyping MobileUnity +7 (906) 787-46-20 Europe Russia We specialize in bespoke project development for our clients. We can create turn-key solutions, developing the whole project from scratch, or work together in tight cooperation with the client's team. We have in-house programming, game-design, art, sound experts, supported by various connections in the industry, allowing us to find the rarest and valuable expertise if necessary.
Zvky Design Studio Complex ArtComplex GameDevUX/UI Asia India
Pingle Studio Complex ArtComplex GameDev Nintendo SwitchPlaystationUnityUnreal EngineXbox Europe Ukraine
Stepico Games 3D ModelingComplex GameDevGame Design .NETPhotonUnity Europe Ukraine
Mini IT 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDev BackendMobileUnity Europe Russia
Tortuga Team Complex ArtComplex GameDev Europe Russia
Nord Unit Complex ArtComplex GameDev Europe Russia
PlayToMax Complex GameDev HTML5 Europe Russia
Mooseman Complex GameDev Europe Russia We are a small indie studio from Perm, Russia. Our projects are mythology and ethnic-based with the narrative and worlds backed by historical or folklore facts.
Smartphone Labs (SPL) ARComplex ArtComplex GameDevLocalizationQAUX/UIVR DjangoMobileNintendoPlaystationPortingPythonUnityXbox Europe Russia We provide full cycle games development and QA services, porting to all platforms (mobile, console, social, etc.) We have all neсessary tools and experience to complete most difficult and specific tasks without outsourcing third-party employees.
Coderaptor ARComplex ArtComplex GameDevGame DesignVR MobileUnityUnreal Engine, phone - +79154756076, Telegram - @madballio Europe Russia Full cycle development studio. Specialized in VR and AR.]
Daily Magic Productions 2D ArtComplex GameDevVR MobilePCUnreal Engine Europe Russia