Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Tags Contacts Continent Country Info
Pencilbox Sounds Sound Europe Ukraine
Sensorica Alexander Sound Unity skype sensorica_com, Europe Russia
MmcM studio Sound Europe Russia Make original music and sound fx for games, mastering and mix online.
Valamin Nikita Sound Europe Russia
QLOC LocalizationProgrammingQASoundVoice-over Porting Europe Poland QLOC is a multi-service company. Our team includes over 300 specialists who are experienced in Porting, HD-remastering, Quality Assurance, Localization and Voice Overs. We provide functional, compliance, localization and compatibility testing, translate and localize games in 30 languages, and work on co-dev projects as well. Link to portfolio:
Sofronov Roman Sound Unity Europe Russia
Spellgun Complex ArtComplex GameDevLocalizationScreenwriterSoundUX/UI Asia China
Kotov Michael Sound Europe Russia
Radio Pro Sound Europe Ukraine
Universe Music Sound, skype: irina.chaban Europe Ukraine
Onufriev Fedor Sound Europe Russia
Isaev Vlad SoundVoice-over UnityWwise, skype id scanntec Europe Russia
Manasyan Ara Sound North America United States of America
Petyakin Dmitry 2D ArtAnimationsSound Pixel Art Europe Russia
Draggs Connor Sound
Nikulin Ilya Sound Europe Russia
Voroshilov Danila Sound Europe Russia
Zaharov Dmitriy Sound Europe Russia
Efimov Maksim 2D Art3D ModelingSound Generalist Europe Russia
Ageev Valeriy Sound Unity, skype vrn_aib Europe Russia
Vasiliev Anton Sound Europe Russia
Tony CycloneZ Sound Europe Russia
Inlingo Games LocalizationQASound Europe Russia
Volkov Ilya Sound, skype: vierarmig Europe Russia
Dimolomusic Sound Europe Ukraine Sound Europe Ukraine
Archibaldi Studio Sound, skype: archibaldi1980 Europe Belarus