Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Tags Contacts Continent Country
Tkach Evgeniy 2D Art Icons skype - tkach.j-k, Europe Russia
The Trailer Farm 2D ArtAnimationsLocalizationMarketingScreenwriterSoundVoice-over Cinematics Europe United Kingdom
Zhilyaeva Anna 2D Art Europe Belarus
The Art of Vincent Proce 2D ArtGraphic DesignUX/UI North America United States of America
NestStrix 2D ArtUX/UI Europe Ukraine
Inkration 2D ArtComplex Art Skype:@inkration Europe Ukraine
Mad Boogie Creations 2D Art South America Brazil
Fire Without Smoke 2D Art3D ModelingAnimationsComplex ArtComplex GameDev North America Canada
Aaron Sims 2D ArtFX North America United States of America
Lakshya Digital 2D Art3D ModelingComplex ArtFX Characters Asia India
Letstrygames 2D Art3D ModelingComplex ArtComplex GameDev BackendMobilePCUnity Europe Russia
Fgfactory 2D Art3D ModelingComplex ArtComplex GameDevWebDev MobileUnity email: skype: alexander_adamenko Europe Ukraine
Cloud Mark Studios 2D Art3D ModelingAnimationsComplex Art Cinematics Asia China
Intellect Outsource 2D Art Europe Russia
Red Rift 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDevQASoundWebDev ASP.NETHTML5PhaserJSUnity North America United States of America
3A Games 2D Art3D ModelingAnimations Level DesignMobile Asia China
Red Apple Complex ArtComplex GameDev Cocos2DHTML5MobileUnityUnreal Engine Asia India
Secret 6 2D Art3D ModelingComplex ArtGame DesignQASound North America United States of America
Zagrava Games 2D ArtAnimationsARFXGame DesignProgrammingVR C#C++Cocos2DSpineUnity o. +380362460062 c. +380506008922 skype: aleksey_mikhasyuk Aleksey Mikhasyuk Europe Ukraine
Infinite Art 2D Art3D ModelingAnimationsComplex ArtUX/UI Unity skype: live:o.rozhnov Europe Russia
Infocom Studios 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDevWebDev PHPPythonUnityUnreal Engine Delina B George Email: Skype: delina_113 Name: Arun Soman Email: Skype: Infocomsoftware Asia India
Eforb 2D Art3D ModelingFXUX/UIWebDev DevOpsUnity Europe Ukraine
Canoe Band 2D ArtAnimationsComplex ArtFXVideo Maker Europe Belarus
AAA Game Art Studio 2D Art3D Modeling Characters Europe Ukraine
Chameleon 42 2D ArtAnimationsUX/UI Icons Europe Russia
YDY CG 2D Art3D Modeling Asia Singapore
Semilistnik Studio 2D ArtUX/UI Europe Montenegro
Mini IT 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDev BackendMobileUnity Europe Russia
Levina Olga 2D Art SpineUnity Europe Ukraine
Bezkorovainy Alexey 2D Art Unity, Europe Ukraine
Linglongart 2D Art3D Modeling Characters, skype ylj55169 Asia China
Daily Magic Productions 2D ArtComplex GameDevVR MobilePCUnreal Engine Europe Russia
Crazy World Digital 2D Art3D ModelingTexturing Asia China
Twigames 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDevPrototyping Unity Europe Ukraine
YUQIO 2D Art3D ModelingARComplex GameDevVR Unity Europe Ukraine