Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Tags Contacts Continent Country
Keywords Community ManagementComplex ArtComplex GameDevLocalizationQASound North America United States of America
Synthesis LocalizationQAVoice-over Europe Germany
Bytex QA Europe Russia
Smartphone Labs (SPL) ARComplex ArtComplex GameDevLocalizationQAUX/UIVR DjangoMobileNintendoPlaystationPortingPythonUnityXbox Europe Russia
Happy Fox Studio Complex ArtQAUX/UI Europe Russia
Red Rift 2D Art3D ModelingComplex GameDevQASoundWebDev ASP.NETHTML5PhaserJSUnity North America United States of America
goGame Complex ArtLocalizationQA email: skype: gmgabs Asia Singapore
Gamecloud Community ManagementQA Asia India
Secret 6 2D Art3D ModelingComplex ArtGame DesignQASound North America United States of America
Kloon QA Asia Vietnam
QA Provider QA Asia Cyprus
QLOC LocalizationProgrammingQASoundVoice-over Porting Europe Poland
SimbirSoft QA Europe Russia
Logus Games LocalizationQAVoice-over Europe Russia
A1QA QA Europe Belarus
Allcorrect Games LocalizationQAVoice-over memoq Europe Russia
Sometimes You Complex GameDevPublishingQA C#Nintendo SwitchPlaystationPortingUnityXbox Europe Russia
Seven Winds Studio 2D Art3D ModelingARComplex ArtComplex GameDevQAUX/UIVR AndroidC#iOSJavaMobileUnity, +7(996)40-7777-4 Europe Russia
Program Ace ARProgrammingQAVR Europe Ukraine
Babel Media QA Asia India
Inlingo Games LocalizationQASound Europe Russia
QA TestLab QA Europe Ukraine
Spiralinks QA Europe Russia