Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Tags Contacts Continent Country Info
Beast Hour 3D Modeling CharactersEnvironmentGeneralist, skype - iron7lupus , Europe Russia
Simplas Video Maker Europe Belarus
Seliverstoff Video Maker Europe Russia
Shirobokov Vladislav Video Maker Europe Ukraine
Tkach Evgeniy 2D Art Icons skype - tkach.j-k, Quit contract
Smirnov Aleksandr Screenwriter Skype - pixmilk, Europe Russia
Kuhar Konstantin 2D Art Europe Russia
Timofyay Stepanov FX Europe Ukraine
Rock Salt Complex Art Characters Asia India
Core 3d Game Art Complex Art Asia India
Red Hot CG Complex Art Asia China
Exigent 3d Complex Art
Edsenses Complex Art Asia China
Studiya Tryaylerov Video Maker Europe Russia
Borshevskiy Egor Video Maker
Funny Pirate Video Maker
5518 Studios Complex Art Europe Russia
Gimaldinov Artur 2D ArtArt Direction Europe Russia
Veprikov Nikita 3D Modeling CharactersGeneralist Europe Russia
Bespalyy Aleksandr Programming Unity Skype mr_greene2, Europe Ukraine
Alieva Anzhela 2D Art Europe Russia
Mihail Kozyrev 3D Modeling
eJaw Complex GameDev Europe Ukraine
Grigoriy Terentev FX Europe Russia
QA TestLab QA Europe Ukraine
Couston Oliver 3D Modeling North America Canada
Solar Digital Web DesignWebDev Europe Ukraine
Shevchyk Ivan 3D Modeling Characters, Europe Ukraine
Loginova Anastacia 2D Art Characters Europe Russia Game DesignUX/UI Europe Russia
Spiralinks QA Europe Russia
Bytex QA Europe Russia
Dimolomusic Sound Europe Ukraine Sound Europe Ukraine
Archibaldi Studio Sound, skype: archibaldi1980 Europe Belarus