Vendors for GameDev

Enter any vendor parameters in the search bar from the table below, click "Search", for example - "Europe webdev". You can download the search results in Excel format.
Vendor Website Expertises Contacts Continent Country
Mad Boogie Creations 2D Art South America Brazil
Synthesis LocalizationQAVoice-over Europe Germany
AppFollow ASOMarketing Europe Russia
Knubisoft ARVRWebDev Europe Ukraine
Bytex QA Europe Russia
Wii Trans Translation Asia China
PTSGI Company LocalizationTranslation Asia China
Mamobiz BizDevInvestmentMarketingPublishing Europe Estonia
1C motion capture studio Motion Capture Europe Russia
GMT Legal Gaming Legal Europe Russia
Intellect Outsource 2D Art Europe Russia
UXSSR Market ResearchUX/UI, k.sternina - skype Europe Russia
FSTR 3D Modeling Europe Russia
Project D Animations phone: 0086 13068705882 Wechat: 13068705882 Skype: liu.louis Asia China Game DesignUX/UI Europe Russia
Vicarious PR MarketingPR North America United States of America
Gamecloud Community ManagementQA Asia India
PlaytestCloud Playtests Europe Germany
Flashman Studios BizDevInvestment North America United States of America
Kavensky Stas Animations Europe Russia
MarsTranslation LocalizationTranslation Asia China
Nanjing Kylin Magical Image 3D ModelingTexturing Cathy Liu, skype: cathyliu0905 Asia China
Sense.Vision Playtests Skype ID: Telegram: @alexanderdz Europe Ukraine
Kondratenko Dmitriy 3D Modeling Europe Ukraine PaymentsPublishing Europe United Kingdom
BSC Everest Localization Mike Belov: email:, skype: mike_belov1 North America United States of America
Kloon QA Asia Vietnam
QA Provider QA Asia Cyprus
Volkov Artem Game Design Europe Russia
YDY CG 2D Art3D Modeling Asia Singapore
Jinyu Tang UX/UI Asia China
Trace Studio 3D Modeling, +7 (812) 602-73-33 Europe Russia
CGBot Web DesignWebDev North America United States of America
SimbirSoft QA Europe Russia
Crazy World Digital 2D Art3D ModelingTexturing Asia China