Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Contacts Continent Country
Petyakin Dmitry 2D ArtAnimationsPixel ArtSound\Music Europe Russia
Constantine Chistiakov Sound\Music Europe Russia
Ahura Alexander Sound\Music, skype ahuraster Europe Russia
Scienart Media Sound\Music Europe Russia
Principle Audio Sound\MusicVoice-over Europe Russia
Keywords Community ManagementFull Cycle ArtFull Cycle GameDevLocalizationQASound\Music North America United States of America
Dune Sound Sound\MusicVoice-over Europe France
The Trailer Farm 2D ArtAnimationsCinematicsLocalizationMarketingScreenwriterSound\MusicVoice-over Europe United Kingdom
Dimolosound Sound\MusicVoice-over Skype - dimolo.molo,, +38 (067) 220 37 66 Europe Ukraine
The Multiplayer Guys Full Cycle ArtFull Cycle GameDevUnityUnreal Engine Europe United Kingdom
Alconost LocalizationVideo Ads North America United States of America
Simplas Video Ads Europe Belarus
Borscht MarketingMotion DesignVideo Ads, @qshnar Europe Russia
Seliverstoff Video Ads Europe Russia
Shirobokov Vladislav Video Ads Europe Ukraine
Allcorrect Games LocalizationMemoqPlayable AdsQAVideo AdsVoice-over Europe Russia
Studiya Tryaylerov Video Ads Europe Russia
Borshevskiy Egor Video Ads Europe Russia
Chameleon 42 2D ArtAnimationsIconsUX/UIVideo Ads Europe Russia
Canoe Band 2D ArtAnimationsFull Cycle ArtFXVideo Ads Europe Belarus
Info Craft ASOVideo Ads Europe Ukraine
Digital-Lab SoftwareVideo Ads Europe Russia
Krab Video Ads Europe Russia
Punch Lead HTML5Playable AdsVideo Ads Europe Russia
Budnikoff Film Video Ads Europe Russia
Ferretvideo Playable AdsVideo Ads Europe Belarus
Solarsuit 3D ModelingAnimationsMotion DesignVideo Ads Europe Russia
Tushitesvet Motion DesignVideo Ads Europe Russia
Hooks MarketingVideo Ads Europe Russia
Perfomante Video Ads Europe Belarus
Mirball Studio Video Ads Europe Russia
W-Profit MarketingUser AcquisitionVideo Ads Europe Russia
Mogi Group 2D Art3D ModelingFull Cycle ArtLocalizationPlaytestsQAVoice-over Europe Ireland
Transee LocalizationTranslationVoice-over Asia China
AMC Pixel Factory Full Cycle Art Europe Romania