Vendors for GameDev

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Vendor Website Expertises Tags Contacts Continent Country
StarCo Studio Complex ArtComplex GameDev, Europe Belarus
Beatshapers ARComplex GameDevVR OculusPCPlaystationUnityUnreal EngineViveXbox Europe Ukraine
Allcorrect Games LocalizationQAVoice-over memoq Europe Russia
iLogos Game Studios Complex ArtComplex GameDev C#HTML5MobileNintendo SwitchPCPortingUnity Europe Ukraine
N-iX Complex ArtComplex GameDev Europe Ukraine
Dyachenko Dimitriy North America United States of America
NTR Lab AIARSoftwareWebDev .NETC#Computer VisionJavaMobilePHPRoR Europe Russia
Isaev Vlad SoundVoice-over UnityWwise, skype id scanntec Europe Russia
Borscht MarketingMotion DesignVideo Maker, @qshnar Europe Russia
StageX 2D Art3D ModelingAnimationsARComplex ArtComplex GameDevVR C#PortingUnity, Europe Ukraine
Sometimes You Complex GameDevPublishingQA C#Nintendo SwitchPlaystationPortingUnityXbox Europe Russia
GD Forge 2D Art3D ModelingARComplex ArtComplex GameDevVR HTML5MobileUnityUnreal Engine,, Europe Russia
AdoreGames Studio Complex ArtComplex GameDev Unity, Europe Russia
Seven Winds Studio 2D Art3D ModelingARComplex ArtComplex GameDevQAUX/UIVR AndroidC#iOSJavaMobileUnity, +7(996)40-7777-4 Europe Russia
Koloshina Anastasiya 2D ArtUX/UI Europe Ukraine
Telyuk Maryana UX/UI, Europe Ukraine
Fadeeva Margo UX/UI Europe Russia
Basov Sergey UX/UI, skype id sk1eman Europe Russia
Territory Studio Graphic DesignUX/UI North America United States of America
Owl Studio Complex Art Europe Russia
Asterman Complex Art Europe Belarus
AMC Pixel Factory Complex Art Europe Romania
Volta Complex Art North America Canada
Elite 3D Complex Art Europe Spain
NXA Studios Complex Art Asia China
Exis Interactive Complex ArtComplex GameDev North America United States of America
Program Ace ARProgrammingQAVR Europe Ukraine
Voronin Alexey 3D Modeling Weapons Europe Russia
FXVille FX Unity North America United States of America
Icon Creative Studio Complex Art North America Canada
Larva Complex ArtComplex GameDev North America Mexico
ZeroLight ARComplex ArtVR Mobile Asia China
Rabcat Complex ArtComplex GameDev Europe Austria
Splash Damage Complex ArtComplex GameDev Europe United Kingdom
Taste 3D Studio Complex Art, Asia China